My first Blog Award


Hello Friends! :O

I am so thrilled! I got my first blog award and got two!!! who would have thunk it! 🙂
EEEKKKK…giggles…I am so in awe…love all my crafting friends and I have made some great friendships over the past couple of years…and I am amazed by the talent, friendship and generosity of this crafting community on FB and beyond. You are all very special to me and in my heart! 🙂

I want to let you know whether you are beginner or advance or just a fan that crafting is a special passion of mine and I love to do it and give to others …it makes my heart swell. It is also great therapy!! 🙂

There are some of you who may not able to craft but God has given you another ability and that is okay but he makes each of special and with love and so you are loved not only by my father but by me!! 🙂 Remember you are special!! 🙂

Ok first off I want to thank the two people who awarded me the The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award: Lori Bourg at and
Jen Roseman at

Thank you wonderful ladies for this! I was so surprised and you are two talented designers yourself! 🙂 Very proud to know you gals! 🙂

Now I have to tell the rules how this works:
1) I have to thank the person who gave it to me
2) Tell 7 random facts about myself
3) Pass the award at least to 8 other AWESOME blog buddies!

Since I got two: I will do 14 random facts about me
1) I am a people person…I love talking! (that may be obvious) giggles
2) Love papercrafting especially card making and scrapping and faithbooking.
3) I love fresh fruits and veggies.
4) I love surprising people! hmmm…who is next? I wonder…lol
5) I am a DV survivor
6) I have a Lay Minister’s certificate
7) I am studying to be a minister/evangelist
8) I am funny in odd way, weird way and normal way…lol…I can be nutty! 🙂
9) Very loyal
10) I am not a good sleeper
11) Wear my socks all the time especially when I sleep..I get cold easily
12) I dislike blue
13) I love to bake!! I am a foodie!
14) Last but not least I love my Lord with all my heart! He is my first love!!

NOW onto the awards for others that I want to give! Again since I got two I have to pick 16!! 🙂 I would have done hundreds if I could I love my crafty friends but for this time I picked these list of wonderful ladies and in no particular order! Congratulations and pick up the blog award!! 🙂

1) Amy Voltz
2) Gill McCall
3) Marianne Smith
4) Erin Spantastick
5) Jackie Lodge
6) Zelia Paul
7) Krista Peterson Hong
8) Cricket Chick
9) Kristal Andrews
10)Maria Delgado
11) Shannon Leffew Keith http//
12) Kerry Turner
13) Amy Gilmore Porthouse
14) Rhonda Emery
15) Christine Kerley
16) Jennifer Anderson

Thanks for stopping by you all and have a blessed day!
In His Love,
Be Inspired!


About purplefuntastickcreations

I am a crafter who loves to do cards and scrapping as well as general paper crafting and jewelry. I am a single mom and have two wonderful boys one in college and one a senior in highschool. We have several pets 2 cats and a dog which makes for a fun if not interesting household. I love helping others when I can and strive to be all that God wants me to be.

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