Hello Friends!

I have had many thoughts lately about the direction of my life…I am amazed where I have been and what I have done and the mistakes I made and the losses I have suffered over the years especially the last couple…and yet God always held me in his hands…he loves me so wonderfully and unconditionally like I am suppose to be loved and want to be love…and yet I get dumped on, I am struggling financially, without a car and raising a teenager that has his own problems…and the list goes on…then a verse stood out in my head 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 and Yep I want you to look that up…lol…thought hmmm….lol….then he reminded me yesterday that he still hears my cries and he still knows my needs and he knows my heart and yet he fulfills them in the most unusual way and the call he has placed on my life.

It is amazing who we meet in life and it made also realized that we meet each person for a reason…some to lift them up and some to lift us up and some to help you and you to help them…we are all a part of the dream catchers that God makes in our lives with our troubles, hurts and mistakes….and yet aren’t they beautiful…a lot of people that know me know I am deaf and I am completely deaf in my left ear but I have 30% left in my right but I wear a hearing aide…and I am normal and if you met me in person on the street you wouldn’t know that I was …12 years of therapy can do a lot of help…lol…I have been told that I am a good talker…lol…but I have not been able to get a hearing aide in 8 years due to the cost…mine alone was 1000 dollars 8 years ago….and so I been praying for a long time.

And then I got information about a person through a good friend of mine who knew another and you know what happens I finally meet the right person I need…and it all came together after years of waiting…and I was able to get the top of the line hearing aide I needed at a payment I could afford and on top of that it was a 3000 hearing aide…I am like here we go again…but nope I got some help after help and got down to 1200 dollars with a decent payment plan a month and then 3 years warranty (unheard of) and then 3 years worth of free batteries for it (unheard of) and then a free mold and I was like are you kidding me!!!!!!….lol….nope God doesn’t play….He did it for me….and I am humbled….when the doubts come and you think it is never gonna happen BOOM!~ lol…got to admit he is pretty awesome!

I didn’t create anything tonight but I had to share you this personal story to let you know not to give up on prayer(s)…sometimes he answers quick and sometimes a week, month or year or years!!! but he has his timing and his timing is great!!! our timing is well has to be like fast food and it don’t work that way…lol…we wish but don’t always get it…but he teaches us to rely on him and have patience and yep sometimes the answer is NO which we dislike but have to realize that He wants the best for us….well I am still praying for the car, the healing of physical issues and the like but I know one way or another He will answer it and I will obey the answer that He gives. May not always like the answer and I might be doubtful, or question but I will go where He wants me to go…that is the learning…to believe and trust in Him beyond my flesh and the thoughts that come to my head….but the rewards go beyond our difficulties and produces the fruit of the Spirit!

I pray for each and every one of you to know the love of God has for you and if you don’t know Him I would be glad to help you with a prayer and you can accept His free gift and his love that lasts forever! πŸ™‚

In His Love,
Be Inspired,


About purplefuntastickcreations

I am a crafter who loves to do cards and scrapping as well as general paper crafting and jewelry. I am a single mom and have two wonderful boys one in college and one a senior in highschool. We have several pets 2 cats and a dog which makes for a fun if not interesting household. I love helping others when I can and strive to be all that God wants me to be.

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  1. God is great….ALL the time!! Praise God for answered prayers and that you stood fast for Him even when you believed it was not going to come to pass..:)

  2. Praise God for all answered prayers along with unspoken prayers. I admire your strength and conviction. Bless you Kari and I am thankful that God brought the two of us together! God Bless you Kari. I love you SisterLynne

  3. WOW Kari! I did not know all of those things about you. What an awesome testimony!!! πŸ™‚ Indeed He answers our prayers and desires to open our eyes to His greatness. Keep trusting Him above all else… He will not disappoint! Love you girl!

  4. thank you for giving God all the glory for your life! thanks for sharing your story of leaning on Him. LOVE to you and hope the new hearing aide is the best!

  5. WOW- amazing and you just made me cry- GOD has done a mighty work in you and I see you growing everytime I see you. I pray God's blessings in your life. Keep writing- I am sure you are reaching people with your testimony. I love you, Girlfriend!!!

  6. I LOVE praise reports like this; God is always a working God and I'm just so EXCITED for you! woohooo! He knows our needs before we ask…Big hugs to you girl!

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